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Well Our Wedding Season Is Getting Closer By The Day!

Well our wedding season is getting closer by the day! Hence this article – are you thinking you would like to use a beach, a reserve, a park, the Canopy Bridge or the Rotund at the Town Basin, Whangarei to name a few?

If so, there are some important matters to be aware of, most importantly, Whangarei District Council usually require 4 weeks’ notice upon receipt of a completed application form because various other departments within council must be notified. Also, there are many factors that council will be looking at depending on what is asked for in your application.

Let’s say, perhaps you are wanting to have quite a few people attend your wedding ceremony that you have chosen to have on the Canopy Bridge – council will want to know about parking, crowding the walk way, noise, just a few of the matters they will be looking into. They will look to see if there are any adjoining business’s and if there are, they will expect you have had a chat with the business concerned and gained their agreement.

I called Whangarei District Council today to clarify the current situation and was advised the best person to speak with is the Events Co-ordinator – Petra Gray – she was very helpful and explained a new application form was in the process of being created but she can provide you with the correct application form even though it is currently not available on line.

So with all that in mind, the first thing to remember when you apply for your Marriage License is, you will need to identify the location/address of where you want to be married, because that information forms part of your Marriage License. And you will want to confirm the booking of your Celebrant, so you can see how important it is to be super organised and timely with your arrangements, especially if you are going to use council controlled public spaces.

I am Whangarei based and happy to help where I can. Call me on ph 0275 878 227 or email hello@lisacelebrant.co.nz

When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.