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My Biggest Wedding Regret Was…

One thing we sure do not want is to look back on our wedding day and have regrets! With that in mind have a look at some of these regrets;

My biggest wedding regret was having a family friend take photos instead of hiring a photographer. She had a lot of heart, but the pictures were really disappointing.

I was so worried about doing things the way our parents wanted them done that I didn’t speak up and really explain the things that were important to me. I ended up with a beautiful wedding that didn’t feel authentic to me. Looking back, I wish our wedding reflected mine and my husband’s personalities and not our parents’.

My biggest regret was not talking to all of our guests. I felt really guilty about it while writing thank you cards a month later.

I regret not hiring a professional videographer. There were so many funny, sentimental, thoughtful, surprising, best-day-of-our-life moments that I wish were captured on video.

Like most brides, I budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, I regretted not getting a wedding video.

Leaving the venue booking too late and couldn’t get the place I wanted

So, with that in mind it is equally important to choose your Celebrant carefully because the most important aspect of your wedding day is your marriage ceremony. Start your search early and take your time to choose a celebrant that you feel comfortable with and whom you know is hearing you because then you will feel confident that the marriage ceremony you are dreaming of will come true.

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When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.