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Choosing A Celebrant

Have you considered how important the celebrant is to your overall wedding experience?

The celebrant and the ceremony is a vital part of any wedding because without the process contained within the ceremony it is really just a great, big, fabulous party. It is the ceremony that makes you married. There is no demanding social expectation to marry these days, so when a couple makes this decision, to commit publicly and permanently to each other, then it is a moment to be acknowledged and honoured.

A wedding ceremony should definitely be fun but it should also have those special moments of solemnity that give credence to the real meaning behind what has brought the couple to this point. Every couple is unique and has their own story, so the ceremony should reflect that. It’s not the time to revert to cliches or cut-and-paste. Every word of the ceremony should be about that couple and no one else.

Look for someone who is prepared to sit with you, talk with you, hear what you have to say, understand what type of people you are and what this ceremony and marriage means to you.

Book a time to interview your celebrant and make sure they “get you”. This is your day and you deserve to have someone standing in front of you who wants to make this the best experience of your lives so far, and is not just operating on autopilot. I am Whangarei based. Call me because I will spend the time it takes to “get you”.

When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.