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Hi, I am Lisa Edwards, mother, grandmother, wife, friend to many and a celebrator of life.

I love my life and I am very blessed to have had a big, interesting and amazing one, with a lot more to come, I hope! I live in Whangarei in a beautiful forest area in our renovated old schoolhouse with my husband and cat. Being only a 30-minute drive into  Whangarei, I am in town regularly. You will also see me travelling around Northland from Waipu to Kerikeri a fair bit as my family live in these neighbouring locations.

I am inspired by fabulous scenery, architecture, good wine, BBQ’s, live music, friends, family and I absolutely adore being able to make a positive difference with those I encounter.

Being outdoors in the fresh air (which is handy as often weddings are outside events) is like meditation for my mind and soul. The Whangarei  oceans have a major part in feeding my well-being, swimming, fishing and enjoying the gatherings we have collected whilst hearing the chatter and laughter of family and friends gives me great enjoyment.

Marrying my soulmate in 2014 whom I consider my true love and best friend. I am truly fortunate to have a wonderful caring man whom I enjoy gardening, being active and sharing a good laugh with.

Loving, being loved and giving love are some of my best achievements.

A marriage doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can be perfect for each other.

Fun Lisa Fact


My working life has been diverse – starting out as a Graphic Artist earning my Diploma at Auckland Technical Institute, being a founding member of The Help Foundation, sewing beautiful one off silk garments for one of New Zealand’s famous designers, a creator and builder of many homes, with one being a feature in the ‘Next’ publication and another winning a Waitakere City Award…definitely an eye for detail. I then spent the last 30 plus years in Real Estate as a high-end achiever, where I worked with people from the humblest situations to the most celebrated architecturally designed home in the Southern Hemisphere and always felt privileged.

I decided to become a celebrant in 2006 as I felt I wanted to do something that was still working with people but in a different context. After watching a celebration of life, I thought what a beautiful way to work with people and how much of a privilege it would be to be invited into those precious occasions. I wanted to make a difference and knew I could achieve this by crafting and delivering beautiful ceremonies.

This is such a hard question to answer, as there are so many to choose!  I will go with my last great memory, and that was meeting my husband and our fun wedding which took place at an Italian restaurant in Auckland and was officiated by my celebrant trainer…it was wonderful. I will add, becoming a grandmother was also one of my fondest and greatest memories.

I have several favourite hobbies or things I love to do. From trying to perfect the best jam recipe to being outside with my husband working on our property, planning, planting and creating.

I would say I love almost all food and I am super interested in trying out new recipes. But most of all, the best thing of all about food, is I love to cook it and share it. But if I have to say, it is what the sea has to offer that I love best. 

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful country; I get great pleasure in discovering little towns, many hidden gems, like little bays, quaint eateries with original fish and chips and scooped ice creams where you least except it.  There is always a lovely surprise to delight.

I can’t do the splits or walk a tightrope, but I would say that I have a special talent in making homes that feel lovely, creating beautiful environments and bringing people together. 

That I am passionate about horses. Ever since I was a small child, as far back as I can remember I have loved horses and farm life, even though I grew up at Eastern Beach. I was fortunate to own a few and breed them too. Horses are a wonderful mirror of your exact beingness. They respond to who you are at that moment in time.  I still get excited when I see horses and especially when I can smell and pat them.

When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.